Drip Irrigation Systems Water
Your Plants Perfectly Every Time!

Yes we sell retail and wholesale Drip Irrigation Systems, Kits, Supplies and Spare Parts!

Low Volume or Drip Irrigation is an efficient way to water planting areas, hanging baskets and patio gardens when properly designed and well-maintained. Low volume or drip irrigation slowly applies water to the soil through a variety of products i.e.: soaker tubing, micro sprinklers and emitters (drippers) placed along side the plants.

Water applied by drip irrigation systems has little chance of waste through evaporation or runoff. This also eliminates waste from applying water to unplanted or weedy areas. Overall irrigation requirements will vary according to plant species, soil type, size of planting pot or basket, rainfall and temperature. Established, well adapted plants require less frequent watering than newly planted trees and shrubs.

Drip Line Irrigation Systems Save You Time:

  • Easy to install drip tubing and drip emitters
  • Water all your plants with the turn of a faucet or automatically!

Drip Irrigation Systems Keep Your Plants & Flowers Properly Watered:

  • Grow healthy plants and shrubs
  • Each plant watered individually

Saves Water, Saves Money and Let’s Your Watering Be “Green”:

  • Up to 60% water savings

Low Volume Drip Irrigation Systems Are Ideal for Your:

  • Shrub areas
  • Containers
  • Poolsides & patios
  • Garden areas
  • Hanging baskets
  • Fruit trees
  • Hedging
  • Green houses

Brands of Contractor Grade Drip Irrigation Kits, Supplies and Parts Include:

  • Agrifim products include drip irrigation systems, emitters parts and supplies
  • Jain irrigation drip systems, parts and supplies
  • Raindrip Watering Systems, drip starter kit, timers
  • Netafim irrigation, drip lines etc

Download Drip Irrigation System Planning Guide
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Click Here For Drip Irrigation System Basic Troubleshooting and Maintenance Tips.

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