FREE Custom Irrigation Design Plan (a $197 Value)

Now You Too Can Have Complete Peace Of Mind Knowing Your New Irrigation System Will Work Perfectly When You Let Us Do The Engineering And Design Work For You!

Dear Friend,

Because the ONLY technical part of your self installed irrigation system is your sprinkler system’s design, layout and hydraulic calculations – we do it for you.


Because in our 30-plus years in the business we’ve learned that unless you have experience and really know what you’re doing – it’s easy to miss critical details which if not caught will leave you wishing you had a professional irrigation plan designed for you.

The good news is (as a Homeowner or Non Professional) we’ll design a custom irrigation plan at NO cost to you when you purchase your new sprinkler system supplies from us.

Additionally, if applicable, your custom irrigation plan design will be engineered to make expanding it in the future as easy and affordable for you as possible. The reason for this could be future expansions, landscaping changes or to accommodate your current budget.

In the odd chance you choose not to buy your system parts from us you can still buy the plan we design for you for $197, possibly more depending on the complexity of your custom plan design.

When you consider the fact you’re getting contractor grade parts for the same price (or less) of inferior Big Box Store “Retail Grade” (with no or little support) you’ll probably agree it’s really a no brainer to have us design a professional irrigation plan for you.

It’s like having your cake and eating it too!

You end up with a professionally designed plan to follow AND you’ll own an irrigation system made of the highest-quality parts available for your automatic irrigation system which Guarantees your lawn, plants, gardens and hanging baskets get the right amount of water at the right times to stay looking great no matter how hot it gets.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

P. S. Warning: Most Large Name Brand Manufactures have a “Retail Quality” product line and a Contractor Grade line which is ONLY available through Commercial irrigation suppliers like us. So now that you’re well informed you don’t need to settle for owning an inferior grade irrigation system or trying to figure everything out on your own!

Here’s How You Can Claim Your FREE Irrigation System Plan Design (a $197 Value)

  Download this free guide which includes a Property Layout Sheet you can sketch on and gives you an overview of what we need to design your FREE plan.
  Sketch Your Property Layout on the sheet provided following the quick and easy steps in the PDF you download from step #1
  Bring In Your Property Layout Sketch (and other info noted in the free guide) to the warehouse office and we’ll design a professional Irrigation System Plan for you at no cost. We need a few days to create your custom Sprinkler System Design.

You’ll get a call when your custom sprinkler system plan is ready. When you arrive we’ll let you know how much the parts for your automatic irrigation system will be, answer all your important questions.

Next, together we’ll walk through your colour coded “paint-by-numbers” plan, go into the warehouse and pick the parts your irrigation system needs and then show you exactly now everything goes together so you won’t have any problems when you get home to install your system.

Then all you have to do is enjoy your green lawn, healthy plants, gardens and flowers.

If you have any questions about self-installing your own automatic irrigation system
we’re here to help. Call us at 604-251-2258

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of the IIABC – Irrigation Industry Association of British Columbia