NDS Irrigation Products Vancouver BC

NDS Catch Basins and Grates

NDS catch basins and grates protect properties against water damage due to excess rainwater or irrigation. Used to collect water from downspouts, planter areas and landscaped sections.

- 9” and 12” Square models available.
- 6” Spee-D basins available.
- Black and green plastic grates and cast iron models available.



NDS Valve Boxes

NDS valve boxes are designed for the professional contractor and heavy duty use, and offer superior strength for both commercial and residential applications.

- 6” Round and 10” Round models available.
- Rectangular models, 10” x 15”, 14” x 19”, 14” x 20”, 15” x 24” and 17” x 30” available.
- 6” Extensions for 14” x 19” and 14’ x 20” models available.
- All NDS valve boxes contain UV inhibitors to prevent discoloration and cracking.


Agrifim drip and micro-irrigation

The complete Agrifim products line includes drip emitters with adjustable and fixed discharge rates, multi port bubblers, fixed flow and adjustable micro sprays, misters and pre-assembled emitter lines. We provide a full range of tubing, fittings, stakes, pressure regulators, valves and filters.