Netafim Irrigation Products Vancouver BC


Techline CV


Integral pressure-compensating, continuously self-cleaning, check valve and anti drain dripline.

Netafim Sprinkler Applications
- Sub surface or on surface installations.
- Slopes
- Areas subject to vandalism
- High wind areas
- Planting areas
- Curved, narrow or unshaped planting areas
- Turf, flower beds, trees, shrubs and hedging
- Rooftop gardens
- Green walls
- Sport turf, tennis courts and golf courses
- High traffic or high liability areas
- Raised planters

0.96 Gallons per hour per foot @ 12” emitter spacing model available.
- Other models available upon request
- Anti drain mechanism
- Anti siphon mechanism
- Coil lengths 100’, 250’ and 1000’ available

- Precise and equal amounts of water delivered over a broad pressure range
- 100% Uniformity of water distribution along laterals

Continuous self-flushing dripper design
- Flushes debris as it is detected throughout operation, and not only at the beginning or end of a cycle; this ensures uninterrupted dripper operation.

Anti siphon mechanism
- Prevents contaminants from being drawn into the dripper.

Flexible tubing
- Adapts to any planting area shape.

UV Resistant
- Withstands heat and direct sunlight for on surface installations.

- A wide variety of fittings designed for quick and easy installations.