Automatic Irrigation / Sprinkler Systems

The goal of an irrigation system is to give your lawn, trees, plants, gardens, flowers and hanging baskets the exact amount of water they need to stay green and healthy without over watering them.

Obviously a lawn needs more water than a hanging basket, so to deliver the right amount of water to these different areas effectively, automatic Irrigation systems are separated into two systems.

The first is underground irrigation spray or underground sprinkler irrigation and the second is a drip irrigation system or low volume irrigation system. Properly designed irrigation systems combination these two systems into different zones.

By separating your irrigation system into zones, higher (frequency) water requirement zones like for hanging flower baskets in the hot sun can be watered more often and separately from lower water frequency requirement areas like lawns which can hold the water.

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Lawn and Garden Spray Irrigation

Drip Irrigation – Low Volume Irrigation

Useful Irrigation System Information


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