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Spray Irrigation Systems

Spray sprinkler irrigation is the most commonly used method of watering for lawn areas. This system is permanent and underground with pop-up or raised sprinkler heads, all operating automatically.

An underground sprinkler system is cost effective, convenient, and efficient in applying water. Only the areas needing water are covered and run off is minimized.

The main use of spray sprinkler irrigation is in watering lawns.

As sprinklers wet the plants as well as the soil sprinklers should be used early in the morning when the plants are cool and there is time for the plant leaf surface to dry before full sun.

Product and Installation Guides:

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Irritrol Step by Step Planning & Installation Guide
PDF 1mb

Spray Head Specs
PDF 268kb

Single Steam Rotor Spec
PDF 424kb

Electronic Valves
PDF 124kb

JR Max irrigation controller
PDF 328kb

Slim Dial irrigation controller
PDF 116kb

Kwik Dial irrigation controller
PDF 112kb

Rain Sensors
PDF 1.3mb



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